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BJP behind petrol pump strike in Delhi: Kejriwal

Demanding petrol and diesel be included in the GST regime, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday accused the BJP of forcing fuel pump owners to go on strike despite oil prices being lowest in the national capital among the four metros.

“Oil prices lowest in Delhi amongst the four metros. Why aren’t petrol pumps in Mumbai, which has highest prices, on strike? Because Mumbai is BJP government and BJP is behind today’s strike in Delhi. BJP must apologise to the people of Delhi,” he said in a tweet.

Fuel pumps in the national capital will remain shut for 24 hours starting Monday 6 a.m. to press the Delhi government to lower the Value Added Tax (VAT) on the key transport fuels.

Kejriwal also blamed the Central government for hiking taxes on fuel and questioned it for not bringing the fuels under the Goods and Services Tax.

“Since the last four years, the Modi government has imposed unnecessary taxes on petrol and not us (the Delhi government). Modiji should reduce the taxes and should give relief to the people. We demand that petrol and diesel should be included in the GST. Why has the Central government not brought petrol and diesel under GST?” he added.

He also accused the BJP of forcing pump owners to go on strike.

“The BJP has threatened the petrol pump owners that those who will not take part in the strike today will have to face income tax raids. The oil companies has also threatened the pumps for action. BJP should stop troubling Delhi people. This is hooliganism,” he tweeted in Hindi.

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