December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Bihar BJP’s booth level workers played crucial role in assembly polls

Patna, After an early lead by the BJP and its emergence as the single-largest party in Bihar in early trends, the party’s election cell has played a crucial role to impact voters in favour of the NDA.

“We deployed 82,000 Booth Level Agents 2 (BLA 2) workers just a week before the first phase of polling. It has worked in favour of all alliance partners, apart from the BJP,” said Radhika Raman, convenor of the BJP’s election cell.

“These BLAs are well-coordinated with Saptarshi, Panna Pramukhs and candidates of respective parties of our alliance and they managed to convince voters and brought them to the polling booths,” Raman said.

The Saptrishi and BLAs have their jobs cut out as they visit voters at the doorstep, explain the public welfare works of NDA in the last 15 years and take their feedback,” he said.

Saptarishi refers to seven persons who work on each booth in Bihar and BLA 1 refers to the candidates themselves. The idea is to reach out to as many voters as possible.

It is evident that Panna Pramukhs played a crucial role in the 2014, 2019 parliamentary elections as well as last Uttar Pradesh assembly elections.

“The BLA 2, Panna Pramukh and Saptarishis are the backbone of this election as they make people aware about voting rights, party manifesto, past records as well as future policies. Trends till 1 PM suggests that they have worked well at the ground level and managed to convince voters,” Raman said.

As per the Election Commission, Bihar has 106527 polling this time round.

“In 2015, there were 72723 Saptarishi in Bihar and we have extended it in the remaining 33,804 booths by adding another 82,000 BLA 2 workers. They are dedicated members inspired by the BJP’s ideology,” Raman said.

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