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Luv Ranjan denies allegation of non-payment of dues for his upcoming film

Mumbai| Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor has been the talk of the town ever since its announcement. The title of the film is not yet decided. There have been reports that the director did not pay remuneration to workers who worked on the sets of the upcoming Luv Ranjan film, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor.

Reacting to these rumours, Filmmaker Luv Ranjan August 27, issued a statement denying allegations against his production house.

Luv Ranjan in an official statement said, “We would like to state that the press statement released by FSSAMU is false, fabricated and illegal and is made with ulterior and oblique motives and without authority of law. We would like to place on record the true account of the matter and state that we have duly made entire payments, with no outstanding, as per the contractual arrangement for one of our projects with the service provider being a production designer, Mr. Dipankar Dasgupta, and that it was in fact Mr. Dipankar Dasgupta along with Hyperlink Brand Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. Dipankar Dasgupta’s associates, namely, Mr. V. G. Jaishankar, Mr. V. G. Jairam, Mr. Gautam Jukar and Mr. Prashant Vicharev who defaulted in making payments to the workers who were actually hired by them and not us, which facts were also duly informed by us to FSSAMU by various communications along with documentary evidence, which makes the aforesaid persons at default and not us. We would like to state that there is no employer-employee relationship between us and the persons/employees hired by/through Mr. Dipankar Dasgupta and as such they or FSSAMU have no locus standi to raise any issues or disputes with us.”

It further reads, “Despite being fully aware of the fact that we had accordingly also filed a police complaint against the said persons, FSSAMU, is continuing to distort facts, propagate falsehoods, harass and threaten us and for suspicious motives, deliberately and knowingly is only targeting us and not Mr. Dipankar Dasgupta and his said associates, who are the actual persons at default. The acts of FSSAMU of issuing defamatory public statements, intimidation, causing disruption and delay to our shoot by inciting its members to not cooperate with us, all seem like the favourable ‘modus operandi’ adopted by FSSAMU. It is unbecoming of FSSAMU to act in such an unreasonable, unwarranted and hostile fashion against us, and also publicly making threats against us that they would prevent us from working in the industry and also prevent the workers from working with us, and such acts of FSSAMU has also resulted in causing us irreparable losses and harm, including mental harassment and agony, and maligning our image and goodwill.”

“It is common knowledge that we are producers of good repute in the industry, having produced several films which have generated significant revenue for workers and labourers and are always fair in our dealings with the persons hired by us. In light of the above, we reserve our right to take appropriate legal (criminal and civil) action, as shall be advised, against FSSAMU and its office bearers, for undertaking all the acts stated above, including criminally defamatory and threatening acts, against us, which are completely unwarranted and uncalled for, having no factual accuracy. We also deem it our duty to inform the industry and the public at large of the shocking and bullying manner in which FSSAMU is conducting itself and spreading misinformation, having no locus standi, which threatens reputed and credible producers from conducting business,” concluded the note.

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