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Jackie Shroff celebrates world environment day

Let us take a minute to acknowledge Jackie Shroff’s continuous efforts in promoting environmental awareness and making a positive influence on our world as we commemorate World Environment Day on June 5th. We know Jackie is passionate about the environment since he is frequently spotted with his characteristic accessory – a potted plant – at numerous events, festivities, and even parties.

Jackie, who is seen constantly working to stimulate change on social media, posted a video of his nostalgic plant memories with the remark, ”Go Green, Breathe Clean!”

In reference to Earth Day, Jackie stated, “Nature is our lifeline, and it’s our duty to protect it. Let’s join hands together and plot a plant today.”

Jackie routinely provides thought-provoking writings, meaningful videos, and inspiring messages in order to educate and inspire people to take action. Recently, his son, Tiger Shroff, uploaded a photo of Jackie Shroff in a garland of plant pots, and branded him as ‘Captain Planet’.

In addition to his charity efforts, Jackie has made tremendous advances in the entertainment sector. He just provided an excellent performance in “Recently” opposite actor Sunil Shetty, and now we wait for his forthcoming flick “Jailer” with iconic actor Rajnikanth. We wish him the best on this Environment Day as he continues to make his impact in both the entertainment business and the realm of philanthropy! Jackie Shroff’s Unconventional Approach to Saving the Planet Inspires Young People

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