August 18, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal


Zafar Alam Khan | Bhopal
Aday after the tigress T-123 was spotted along with its two cubs on way of Sanskar Valley School pictures and videos of that went viral on Tuesday this correspondent went on the spot to check out of curiosity that whether the striped feline was still there or has left the place.
The forest patrolling team stopped us about hundred meters from the place and told that the big cat is very much there only with her two cubs and is feeding them the kill that she has done yesterday. The forest guards said that yesterday the tigress has killed a calf and it was their sheer luck that happened to be very near to the scene. They narrated what they saw amazingly.
The forest team informed that what the four year old tigress did could not even be done by the humans, as first the big-cat came out of the core tiger area and made a kill after crossing the road, than it brought the cubs that seems to be six seven months old. When the cubs faced difficulty in jumping over the fencing it lifted the wires of the fencing by its simmeret to make them come out and then lead them to the kill so they could eat it. It was about 3 pm and since then she is very much there guarding her cubs and making them eat the kill she had made for them.The forest team said that they came to life when they encountered the tigress. They have reached there on getting information that the tigress has hunted a calf. On getting the news Bhopal’s Samardha Range Ashok Kumar Jhanwar reached the scene with full staff and found that the tigress has hunted the scaffold. As the forest staff were about to tie the trap camera, the tigress roared. The forest guards immediately boarded the vehicles to save their lives. Forest officials say the tigress is now teaching her cubs how to eat. Jhanwar said the tigress came out of the bushes while they were tracing the location to tie a trap camera near its kill. Due to the panic, the employees rushed in the vehicles, then the tigress came on the road chasing the car. She roared continuously on seeing the staff sitting nearby. She remained near the hunt for almost two hours. He told that meanwhile, the staff had stopped the entire traffic on the road to stop any inconvenience to the striped feline. Jhanwar told that he informed this to senior officials. After which senior officials including SDO reached the spot. Jhanwar says that the tigress remained around the hunt for two hours. As long as the whole team was present on the spot, it also gave the signs to the cubs not to come on the road and remain confined in the bushes she has left them. He said that realizing the behavior of the tigress, senior officials instructed everyone to remove the vehicles from the hunt, after which the tigress dragged the prey into the forest. The cubs also rapidly disappeared into the forest with the tigress. He told that the tigress is probably teaching the cubs to feed as well as feed. He says he saw an aggressive tigress for the first time. She stood beside the hunting cubs for two hours to carry the cubs safely into the forest and roared evenly.

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