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How rain turned Delhi houses into swimming pools

On Sunday morning, Faiz, a resident of East Delhi’s Noor Nagar, woke up to heavy rains and sounds of thunder only to see the water coming in to his house from everywhere.

Faiz, along with his 85-year-old grandmother, spent the next few hours throwing out the dirty water that filled inside his house. However, their efforts turned futile as the sewer overflowed and then all they could do was to sit at an elevated bed and watch everything floating as their house turned into a swimming pool.

The area witnessed severe water logging after heavy rains unleashed in the capital on Sunday morning.

“This water logging is not new in the area. The MLA as well as the councillor have been apprised of the situation several times but all our complaints fall on deaf ears. Now, what if my grandmother gets sick with all the dirt and mud the water brought with it. Hospitals are also not treating the patients amid the pandemic,” Faiz said.

Several other residents also witnessed the same problem and said that many of their electronic and other items were damaged because of water flooded into the houses.

“Not just the electronic goods, clothes and other expensive household items got ruined because of water logging inside our houses,” said 85-year-old Bismillah Begum.

Shahid, an owner of a grocery store in the area, also suffered the brunt despite his shop being at a bit elevated area. He said, “My store had dirty water all over despite being elevated. Is this Delhi? We are surprised how rain brought our lives to a standstill.”

The residents area tried clearing the choked sewer to flush out the water.

Complaints of water logging were reported from almost all the areas of the national capital.

Three people have died while several houses in Anna Nagar, a locality near ITO, were washed away due to heavy water flow after Sunday rains.

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