October 19, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

This is so unprofessional: Laura Tobin

Good Morning Britain star Laura Tobin couldn’t control her giggles during Thursday’s live show.
Laura was presenting a weather report but struggled to make her way through it after laughing at a joke made off air during an ad break.
She did her best to make it to the end of the weather update but was teased by co-stars Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd.
Laura managed to explain in between her giggles that someone off camera had told a funny joke during the break. Susanna could be heard chuckling in the background, and after the weather segment, she said: ‘Don’t worry, Laura. No one noticed’ before Ben joked: ‘We’ll get to the bottom of this.’
Ben Shephard returned to Good Morning Britain on Thursday after spending two months away to film Tipping Point.
V presenter, 45, told his co-host Susanna that it was ‘nice to be back’ as he explained he had been busy working with 660 contestants on the show.
After she informed viewers it was ‘a wrap on Tipping Point’, Ben began: ‘Yeah series 11, we completed it yesterday.
‘I posted a picture of the lovely four contestants we had for the last episode, 165 we have recorded so some 660 [contestants were] there.’
Referring to the snap he shared via Instagram on Wednesday, Ben went on: ‘There they are, and right in the background you see Eddie our floorman doing a star jump.’

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