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Shakira hasn’t lost hope in love despite her split from Gerard Pique

Los Angeles : Pop singer Shakira, who split from soccer star Gerard Pique in acrimonious circumstances in 2022, has expressed her continued belief in love.

Shakira, speaking to Marie Claire UK, stated: “I cannot say that I don’t believe in love because I see the example of my parents after 50 years together; how they look into each other’s eyes and hold hands and can’t live apart from each other. I’ve witnessed love, I just haven’t been that lucky myself.”

She referred to monogamy as a utopia, adding, “Monogamy is a utopia. But I’ve been compensated in other ways, with the love of my fans, my children, and true friends. Oscar Wilde said that friendship is the purest form of love and I think that’s true. It lasts longer – at least in my experience.”

Shakira said: “My relationship (lasted) 12 years, but my friends will be there for a lifetime. When hardship came, that’s when I learned how truly important friendship was.”

The singer revealed that she had always sought a partner similar to her father, reports

“Deep down, I always thought having a husband was the most important thing in my life. I was in search of that man, like my dad, who I’d have kids with and then make plans to be with forever – like my parents, who are still so in love. I made many sacrifices for this. I was loyal. But sometimes things don’t go as planned. You move on.”

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