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Reynolds jokes Lively is cheating on him

Actor Ryan Reynolds has jokingly claimed that his wife Blake Lively is cheating on him with a ghost.

The “Deadpool 2” actor had a hilarious reaction to fans who thought a woman claiming to be engaged to a ghost looked like his wife and actress Blake Lively.

The woman, Amethyst Realm, recently told The Sun and ITV This Morning that she has had 20 paranormal lovers throughout her life and was planning on marrying a ghost, reports

Reynolds, 42, couldn’t help but give his own reaction to the news that a Lively-lookalike was engaged to a paranormal being.

“This is how I find out?” he jokingly tweeted.

Twitter users chimed in and voiced their shock and amusement on Twitter.

“Blake Deadly,” one user tweeted, while another person wrote, “This woman looks like his wife Blake Lively.”

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