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Olivia Culpo gets busy planning her ‘logistically complicated’ wedding

Los Angeles : Actress and model Olivia Culpo, who is engaged to sports star Christian McCaffrey, shared that she’s been busily planning her wedding over the recent weeks.

Culpo told “The countdown is on. It’s happening.”

They announced their engagement in 2023, and Culpo can’t wait for the “next chapter” in her life.

She shared: “I’m looking forward to marrying my best friend. I’m very excited for that next chapter, and I feel very lucky. He’s a great guy.”

Culpo has enjoyed the experience of planning her wedding. She is also determined to please all of her wedding guests.

She said: “It’s just logistically complicated. Figuring out what everyone’s going to wear, figuring out, figuring out where everyone’s going to stay, making sure that everybody’s happy.”

“I feel like as a people pleaser, I want to make sure that everybody else is having the best time ever, but I know that everything will fall into place. I feel really good about it.”

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