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Noel Gallagher will be ‘very wary’ of Covid vaccine

London : Singer Noel Gallagher is not keen on the idea of Covid vaccination, whenever it becomes available.

“I get the washing of the hands and the social distancing and all that but when you’ve actually been now told to cover up your face. I don’t mind other people wearing them,” he said during a podcast.

“I’d be very, very wary of taking a vaccine. I don’t even take tablets,” said the former Oasis band member, adding that he takes a course of tablets for different things now because he is 53 and “starting the last leg”.

Tablets, though are his last resort, the singer added.

Gallagher has been tested for the virus, and claimed he has “never had it” despite admitting to breaking rules.

“I haven’t got it and I’ve never had it. Yes, I’ve been tested. I had to go to hospital for something and I got tested, I’ve never had it. I was shocked, actually. I’ve never adhered your any of the rules I’ve carried on my life as normal and I was convinced that I would have it. I’ve never had it,” he added.

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