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My mind was ‘f***ed up’, when I won Oscar at 26: Gwyneth Paltrow

Los Angeles| Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow has opened up about what she really felt when she took home an Oscar at the age of 26.

In a new interview, the Pepper Potts depicter in ‘Iron Man’ says her mind was “f***ed up” by winning the Best Actress award.

Gwyneth, named Best Actress for her role in 1998’s ‘Shakespeare in Love’, made the admission as she discussed her family and her upcoming 50th birthday.

During an interview on CBS about getting the award, she said: “It’s crazy when I think about that now. At the time I thought I was, like, a full adult, you know?” When correspondent Tracy Smith asked, “what do you think that did to your mind?” the actress laughed, “f**king it up!”

The actress went on to say: “You know, to reach that kind of, like, the pinnacle at that age and have that much scrutiny and attention, and then it’s like, no matter what you do after that, you can’t really win, right? It’s like you have a few years of it’s, like, nothing’s gonna live up to that. It’s just a lot to hold.”

When asked when she decided to focus on wellness, which led to Gwyneth setting up her Goop firm, she said: “I’ll tell you exactly, when my father got cancer. And I was helping him one day feeding him with a syringe and feeding tube. And it struck me, like, ‘What is in this can that I’m injecting directly into his stomach?’ And it was the first time I made a connection between food (and) wellness. I’ll never forget that moment.”

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