February 25, 2024

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Michelle Pfeiffer shows off black eye after Pickleball mishap

Los Angeles : Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer has poked fun at her minor pickleball injury. The Golden Globe-winning actress recently posted a series of photos on Instagram revealing that she got a black eye while playing the trendy sport.

She included a close-up shot of her bruised eye as well as a photo holding an ice pack on her face immediately after the accident, reports People magazine.

“WARNING. Pickleball-Stay out of the Kitchen!! Thank you, Less”, she captioned the photos. Pfeiffer later added that it’s “nothing serious. Thank God!” Fans of the actress still flocked to the comments section to send her well wishes, including some messages from her famous friends.

“Oh dear!! Eye I’m wishing you a speedy recovery”, Selma Blair wrote while Julianne Moore quipped, “That’s why I don’t play.” Sister Dedee Pfeiffer also pointed out in the comments: “But she kept on playing”. “That’s right!!” the Scarface star added. Pfeiffer also teased her makeup artiste under the post, telling her, “You’ve got your work cut out for you”.

In addition to picking up pickleball, the actress is active in other ways — often for movie roles.

As per People, back in 2021, Pfeiffer posted an Instagram video as she hit the gym in preparation for her role in the third instalment of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’. Pfeiffer made her MCU debut in the 2018 sequel ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’, playing Janet van Dyne (the original Wasp) — who, like Ant-Man also has the ability to alter her size.

“Janet van Dyne entering the Quantum Realm this summer. I’ll be ready,” she said in a cheeky video that also showed her running on a treadmill at a fast pace. “Dang you are inspirational! Thanks for the impetus to get up and get moving”, one user wrote. Another person said: “Amazing! I’m tired just watching you run!” A few fans even asked to see the star’s entire fitness routine.

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