December 5, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Maura Higgins ‘scared’ to meet a new boyfriend

Los Angeles: Maura Higgins plays down her ‘man-eater’ reputation by admitting she’s ‘only ever been on one date’ and is ‘scared’ to meet a new boyfriend.
The reality star, 29, told MailOnline she would be a ‘nervous wreck’ on a first date despite charming countless men on Love Island last summer.
Behind her confident exterior, the Irish beauty said her lack of experience in courting the opposite sex in the real world has left her fearful of when she’ll meet her next partner.
In an exclusive interview, Maura, who’s expanding her makeup collection with Inglot by releasing three gift sets this Christmas, said: ‘I am ready to start dating again.
‘But the thing is I’ve only ever been on one date aside from Love Island.
‘I know we did a lot of dating on the show but you’re in a completely different environment.
‘Putting that aside, I’ve been on one date and that was with the guy I was with before Love Island, so I’m not used to the dating scene at all.
I’m 29 and I’ve been on one date! When I think of it like that it’s quite scary.
‘I would be a nervous wreck on a date, which sounds crazy because I’m a confident woman but I wouldn’t know what to do myself.’
Maura is aware not to force herself into meeting someone as she approaches a milestone birthday this November, and has already soothed any turning 30 panics.

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