December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Matthew McConaughey plans to start career in stand-up comedy

Los Angeles :  Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey wants to start his career in stand-up comedy. According to him, he was planning a comedy tour before the pandemic. He wanted to try his career as a comic because he loves the “no-filter communication” provided by humour. “I haven’t shared this with many people but stand up is a no-filter communication. What I do as an actor, which is why I’m interested in doing stand up, is my raw expression goes through four filters before it gets to the screen,” McConaughey said on “The Russell Howard Hour”.

“I’m doing someone else’s script, I’m being directed by someone else, I’m being filmed by someone else, I’m being edited by someone else before it’s put in a capsule and put in front of you on screen. That’s four filters from my original expression. So that’s the goal. Where do you go where there is no filter? That’s stand-up. So the plan before Covid was, I was planning on taking to the road and telling stories in an hour of stand-up,” he added. McConaughey says he cannot wait to get started: “It sounds like a great thing to be addicted to, the ultimate buzz. You look today at stand-up comics, they are the best truth tellers we have. If I can get away with this, then I’d love to.”

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