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Donald Trump calls Rihanna ‘nothing’ ahead of Super Bowl

Los Angeles : Former U.S. President Donald Trump has attacked Grammy-winner Rihanna, calling her “nothing” and claimed that she has “no talent.”

The 76-year-old got riled up after Texas congressman Ronny Jackson called on the NFL to remove the Barbadian songstress from the halftime show after “badmouthing America.” In his post on Truth Social account, he also pointed out that Rihanna is anti-Trump, reports

“Rihanna spray painted ‘F*** Donald Trump’ on a car at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. She’s made a career of spewing degenerate filth while badmouthing America every chance she gets,” Jackson, who is Trump’s former White House doctor, wrote on Friday.

“Why is the NFL showcasing this crap? Rihanna SHOULD NOT be the halftime performer!”

Responding to Ronny’s remarks, Trump wrote: “Without her ‘Stylist’ she’d be NOTHING.” He added: “Bad everything, and NO TALENT!”

Trump didn’t seem to hate Rihanna that much before as his team used her song ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ for a campaign rally during the mid-terms. She, however, sent a cease and desist to prevent them from using her music in the future. She added that she wouldn’t be seen at one of the “tragic rallies.”

Rihanna has been a vocal critic of the 45th POTUS. She criticised his stance on immigration, sharing a photo of herself holding a T-shirt that read “Immigrants” around the time he ordered the delay of ICE deportations.

“Wherever I go, except for Barbados, I’m an immigrant,” she explained why it’s a topic she holds close to her heart.

“But I think it’s important for people to remember, if you love me, everyone out here is just like me. A million Rihannas out there, getting treated like dirt.

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