January 29, 2022

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Danny Trejo, Shannon Elizabeth, Frank Whaley join cast of ‘Alone Today’

Actors Danny Trejo, Shannon Elizabeth and Frank Whaley are all set to star in ‘Alone Today’, a crime drama which will be directed by former police officer Wendy Wilkins.

The film, bankrolled by Different Duck Films founder Rob Margolies, will begin filming in Los Angeles this winter, as reported by Deadline.

Wendy, who has also authored ‘Sex, Love & Cops: A Memoir Of My Five Years As A Young Cop’, a collection of stories of when she was a real life cop, told Deadline, “As a former police officer, I wanted to write a film that portrayed a more authentic version of a woman who was also a police officer, not a stereotyped version, and to shine a light on domestic violence and that it could happen to anyone, regardless of your upbringing, job, and geography.”

“The script, I believe, is grounded, realistic and an accurate portrayal of the characters as these are inspired by true life events”, she added.

Producer Margolies said, “The project is an interesting mesh of thrills and suspense. I look forward to working with Shannon. ‘Alone Today’ will show her in a brand-new light. Shannon is excited to portray a multi-faceted woman that she said after reading the script ‘feels real to her’ and she is ‘thrilled to have a female director'”.

‘Alone Today’, said to be inspired by true events, tells the story of a woman stuck in an abusive relationship with a detective, who helps move sex trafficked girls coming over the Mexican border.

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