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Chris Martin: Gwyneth Paltrow taught me to stop being ‘grumpy’

Los Angeles : Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was married to actress Gwyneth between 2003 and 2016. He has said he used to battle with his own “sensitivity” shortly after their daughter Apple was born, which would cause him to become “grumpy” and “sulky”.

He said: “I think sensitivity can be a superpower, especially if you’re in the business of songs or comedy where youa¿re trying to relate your heart to someone else’s heart.

“But I realised that my sensitivity was coming out in really bad ways with the rest of the band. I would get really stroppy in the studio or grumpy or sulky. Or if someone wasn’t playing it the way I wanted them to play, I would be a real d***.”

Martin added: “When it really hit me was with my daughter. I became aware that she was so attuned to me being a little bit unpredictable that it was making her have to navigate that. I am still trying to work on that because I don’t want her to feel like she can’t be her in case her dad gets upset.

“I had to be shown that, but I’m really grateful.”

He also admitted it was Paltrow who helped him process his emotions in a healthier way and got him to change his ways, reports

Asked who pointed out his bad moods during an appearance on the aYou Made It Weird’ podcast, Chris added: “Her mum.”

“At this point she is like my big sister and there are a few people in my life who Ia¿m grateful for saying, ‘You might want to work on that a bit and it might improve the whole of your life’.”

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