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Carey Mulligan ‘trusted her gut’ with ‘Wildlife’

Actress Carey Mulligan trusted “her gut” when she agreed to star in “Wildlife”, according to director Paul Dano.

The filmmaker told the dailymail newspaper: “She called back the next morning, probably not 12 hours later. She trusts her instincts and her gut.”

The drama film is Dano’s directorial debut, and it tells the story of a couple whose marriage falls apart.

Recalling his meeting with the actress, Dano said: “Carey has such a great facility for language – probably comes from doing theatre – and as she’s talking, I realise the words sound so good in her mouth.

“I stood there thinking: ‘Yes, I have a movie!'”

Mulligan has been performing since the age of six and has always considered acting to be her “thing”.

The acclaimed star said: “I never did any professional acting while I was at school, but acting was just my thing and I tried to do every extracurricular version of it.
I was s**t at sport. I mean, I was enthusiastic, but I was useless.”

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