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Jassie Gill: Music video culture helps Punjabi singers get film roles

New Delhi : Popular singer-actor Jassie Gill feels the concept of music videos has helped Punjabi singers a lot in order to explore acting, revealing that the makers of his Bollywood debut film, Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, offered him the acting role after seeing his music videos. “I think it’s because of music videos Punjabi singers have been receiving offers to act in the movies. Earlier, only models and professional actors used to be a part of music videos. Singers were mainly behind the camera. But, gradually they started becoming camera friendly and featuring in their music videos, and then it became a formula. It’s not necessary that a singer who acts in music videos can also become a great film actor. It depends. Also, the audience is the real judge. If you are good, they will accept you, if you are not good at your work, they will obviously criticise you. The audience knows the best,” the singer said.

He added: “I even did not know acting. I acted for the first time in a music video and then worked with renowned Punjabi stars like Gurdas Maan and Neeru Bajwa in Punjabi films. However, I got my first Bollywood film thanks to my music videos work. When the makers approached me for the role, they told me that they saw my music video and they liked my acting in a particular song. So, you can understand the importance of music videos in today’s time.” On the music front, Jassie has a lot in store for fans. He has been trying to come up with more non-commercial songs and upload them on his YouTube channel.

Asked if he pays heed to the number of likes and views, Jassie responded: “I used to pay attention to likes and views. But after creating my own YouTube channel I don’t give much attention to the numbers. There is so much competition out there. Too many songs are being made now. Amid such competition, if people hear your song and that too on the loop then I think it would be a big accomplishment for any singer.”

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