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Heartwarming to receive appreciation for hard work

Chennai : Cinematographer Thamizh A Azhagan, who impressed industry pundits by shooting Venkat Prabhu’s Tamil film ‘Manmatha Leelai’ in just 18 days, is yet again in the spotlight for his excellent work in the recently released Nayanthara-starrer ‘O2’.

The movie, directed by G.S. Viknesh, has been receiving appreciation ever since it released on Disney+ Hotstar.

In particular, the visuals of a bus buried in a landslide and the shots inside the buried bus have all been garnering praise for cinematographer Thamizh A Azhagan.

Sharing his experience of working on the movie, Thamizh A Azhagan says, “Director GS Viknesh is a close friend. He narrated the script back in 2019 and I was keen on delivering visuals that looked real. Although sets were erected for the landslide and bus scenes, I wanted them to look so real that the audiences didn’t get to know that it was a set.”

“Besides, I wanted to make sure that the audiences understood and felt the characters’ desperation to survive. So, I started preparing for ‘O2’ in 2019, even before the commencement of the shoot. Every single scene was visualised first, with appropriate detailing, lighting graph and was finalised before going to the set. All these measures have helped us deliver a positive output.”

“I shot the entire movie by hand. That is to say, I shot the movie by placing the camera on my shoulders. Although it was a complicated and exhausting task, it was what was required. The cinematographer had the responsibility of conveying the pathos, pain, and fear of every single character inside the bus to the audience.

“So, I decided to experience the same emotions and behaved like a victim trapped in a similar situation. This, I believe, has helped me deliver their emotions,” says Thamizh Azhagan, who acknowledges that it is heartwarming to receive appreciation for two years of backbreaking hard work.

The film is about a mother, who with her eight-year-old son, gets stuck inside a bus that is buried in a landslide. The kid, battling a chronic lung disorder, cannot survive without the aid of an oxygen cylinder. A cop, who is also a passenger, looks to get his hands on the oxygen cylinder to survive. How the mother deals with the situation and saves her son forms the crux of this story.

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