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Clock’s ticking, have limited time to look for job: Sacked Indian-origin Microsoft worker

New Delhi : Job cuts at Microsoft have affected nearly 10,000 workers, and among those impacted is an Indian-origin worker in the US who shared a heartbreaking story about how she was recently laid off from the company on LinkedIn — a go-to place for thousands of employees impacted by layoffs to find new jobs.

Alisha Acharya, a Technical Program Manager at Microsoft, who spent five years in the company in Seattle, wrote in her LinkedIn post: “Heartbroken. I was impacted by the recent round of layoffs at Microsoft. It took me a few days to come to terms with this news but I am back to the grind now. Since I am on H1b, the clock’s ticking and I have limited time to look for a job.”

“I would like to thank everyone I have worked with in my 5+ years at Microsoft,” she added.

The Indian-origin worker is currently looking for new opportunities and asked her connections on LinkedIn to provide her with relevant leads.

“I have 8+ years of experience, started as a systems engineer and spent 5+ years at Microsoft as a Technical Program Manager working on the Microsoft Learn platform as an International Customer Experience PM,” Acharya said.

“It has definitely been a hell of a ride. Lastly, for anyone in a similar situation, my heart goes out to you. Take care of yourself. Hang in there and this too shall pass.”

In January, Harshita Jhavar, a data and applied scientist at Microsoft, who spent four years in the company in Washington, too was laid off from the company.

“I am affected by the layoffs at Microsoft today. Many teams from the hardware side fell on the chopping block within Microsoft. I am on a visa and have limited time to find a new position,” she wrote on LinkedIn.

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