February 25, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Would be a blast on set if I work with parents: Alia Bhatt

Expressing her excitement and passion for films, Alia Bhatt on Sunday said if she ever gets a chance to share screen space with her parents, it would be a blast on the set.

“If three of us work together in a film, it would be a blast on the set. We would be snatching each other’s lines. We three are very passionate actors, so if an opportunity comes, we will jump into it as we will get to act and spend time as well,” Alia said here at a press conference of the film ‘Your’s Truly’ starring her mother Soni Razdan that is being screened at the 24th Kolkata international Film Festival.

“First time I am attending my mother’s press conference, till now it was the other way round. It was strange as well as special seeing mother and father sharing the screen,” she said.

The 84-minute film directed by Sanjoy Nag is about the journey of a middle-aged woman who gets attracted to the voice of a station announcer. It is about how she experienced love in her mundane, lonely life.

Alia was elated to see her father Mahesh Bhatt do a cameo in this film alongside her mother.

“I was so engrossed in the film, that I almost forgot that they are my father and mother. I saw them as characters and then it dawned upon me suddenly. Usually, he has been directing her, here he is acting,” remarked the heartthrob of Gen-Y.

Taking pride in his wife’s and daughter’s works, veteran filmmaker Bhatt said: “This moment in Kolkata’s Nandan (film complex – the main venue of the festival) with my family itself is very sacred for me as my wife didn’t get that moment in her career that Sanjay has given her and also today’s star (referring to Alia) is here to support. This is like a dream.”

Expressing her wish to see her parents onscreen, Alia said: “I feel it is just the beginning and they would probably be coming onscreen for long”.

Sharing her love for Kolkata, the youngest of the Bhatt clan said: “As soon as I entered Kolkata, I ordered food in my hotel. I asked for special mustard fish and vegetables. I had to decline the offer of Sandesh(sweet) as I am on diet. Here I experience a lot of love and warmth”.

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