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While dangal rages amongst contestants, COLORS’ BIGG BOSS jungle witnesses another love story between Karan & Tejasswi

Mumbai : In previous episodes, we witnessed how every contestant became a ‘Junglewasi’ and how winning tasks while facing a deduction in the prize money was the only solution left to get back to the main house. The tricks of the jungle have now led to more intense dangals. Every contender is playing with his/her own mind game, which has created a big daraar among them.
The game is on in the Bigg Boss jungle as the Sanchalak Nishant starts going tough on every contestant aiming to win a ticket to the main house. When some contenders hope to get a thumbs up from him, he still manages to find a flaw in their performances. Infuriated by his judgement, former Sanchalak Shamita scorns Nishant,“Tu bolta hai ‘main fair hoon’ na? Teri fairness abhi dekh li hum logon ne!”
Nishant retorts, “Whatever you say. Doesn’t matter!” He adds, “Aap karoge aapke hisaab se toh chalta hai. Dusra karega toh mirchi lagti hai!”
On the other hand, it seems that the temporary truce between Jay and Pratik has come to an end. Jay is determined to win the full price money without facing any deduction by going into the house. He is so adamant that he even refuses to let others win. Pratik calmly tries to change Jay’s mind at first, but the discussion soon escalates into a big fight. “Merko jo karna hai main karunga. Terko jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad le!”, Jay makes his point. In the end, they both once again come to blows.
But it’s not just tashan that surrounds the jungle. After Meisha and Ieshaan, another love story is brewing in the wild. The air around Karan and Tejasswi is brimming with romance as they start spending more time together. “I know this show is about relationships, but agar tu hi theek nahi hai toh kya relationship banaayega?” Tejasswi also supports him like a rock as she tells him, “You cannot let every b***dy thing affect you! I will keep a watch on you a little more.”
Action, dhamaal, drama and romance, the ‘BIGG BOSS’ jungle has it all for you!

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