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Taapsee shares living-room chat with sister Shagun

Mumbai : Actress Taapsee Pannu shared a hilarious glimpse of her sister Shagun’s “living room conversation” on World Siblings Day on Wednesday.

Taapsee took to Instagram and posted a video of her sister sitting in the living room and talking about “feeling trapped on earth”.

Shagun was heard saying: “When we are in an airplane for 10 hours, if we are travelling internationally, we can’t get out of it, we are stuck in it. Like that, we are travelling on earth, and we don’t have the option of getting out of it.”

To which, Taapsee replies: “We are sitting” and Shagun chimes in, “Kabse baithai huye hai yaar.”

Shagun then said I have been here for 32 years and then asked Taapsee if you have been here for more than her. She then said that she is not feeling “free” with a laugh.

“Main moti bhi hoti jaa rahi hun and trapped bhi hun earth pe. I am getting fat and I am trapped,” she hilariously rapped, adding that she would now have a “chicken wrap.”

Taapsee captioned the funny video: “And this shows that excessive gyaan makes you lose it, and then the conversations sound like this. Concluding our living room conversation series with this part 3 of #Shagunsays.”

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