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Shama Sikander shoots in Dubai and the results are just jaw-dropping

Shama Sikander spent her time in Dubai recently and we loved the stills that we saw from her latest photoshoot. Shama is a creative girl and she is always up for something which pushes those boundaries. She did just that with this shoot. Shama is keeping super fit and indulging herself in spreading smiles. She is a manifestation machine and happiness follows wherever she goes. She has kept her chin up and she is flying high even during these difficult times as she says there is no other way she knows to live life. We absolutely adored her pictures and we wanted to know more about her life in Dubai, what she feels about the situation back home and what was her idea behind the shoot.

We spoke to Shama on the current condition and her photoshoot and here is what she says, “It’s not easy staying away from home during such a situation. But all thanks to the almighty that everyone is hail and hearty. Everyone follows the rules there and there are punitive implications otherwise. We are although quite disciplined even at home. This Photoshoot happened as one of my friends approached me with this concept and it seemed very exciting as you all know how much I enjoy doing new photoshoots it keeps my creative side excited and busy So we rallied quickly and made it happen. There is a lot more coming on that space. I do get to see the scenic landscape here but I missed home as much because now i have Casper my puppy to come back to along with my family and friends. I’m happy to be back now and super excited for some good acting projects coming my way.

She loves Dubai and Dubai loves her. We loved those stills from the inimitable shama and we wish she keeps them coming.

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