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Rashmika calls Ranbir ‘full zen’ with no stray thoughts in his head

Mumbai : Actress Rashmika Mandanna, who was recently seen in the blockbuster film ‘Animal’, has shared her experience of working with Bollywood superstar Ranbir Singh in the movie.

“Ranbir is a ‘full zen’ who is always peaceful with no stray thoughts in his head,” said Rashmika in the chat show ‘No Filter Neha’, where she spoke with actress and host Neha Dhupia.

The actress also shared that she was bowled over by the creative process of Ranbir Singh and director Sandeep Vanga Reddy.

Talking about Ranbir, Rashmika told Neha, “The man just doesn’t have anything going on in his head. He is just so peaceful. I asked him, ‘What are you thinking about?’, and he said, ‘Nothing’. He is full zen! I was like, ‘Oh wow, that is a blessing’.”

The actress also mentioned that she sensed during the making of the film that Ranbir and Sandeep were creating something “crazy”.

She said, “I knew Ranbir and Sandeep were creating madness. Every time we sat and talked, I was just like, ‘Do you boys realise what you guys are creating?’ I was just like, ‘You guys are going to nail it, man. You guys have nothing to worry about. I freaking love it’.”

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