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Rapists should be castrated : Aditi Sanwal

Mumbai: Actress Aditi Sanwal is not happy with the rape incidents emerging in the country. In an interview with this correspondent she shared her views. “What happened at Hathras is very unfortunate and I strongly condemn it. I believe the security of girls in our country is compromised. I strongly believe that these incidents should not happen. Despite so many efforts it has happened again and again and I feel that the law should be so strict that people should not be thinking about committing crimes.”

Now people have become more skeptical of sending their daughters out anywhere. Comment.

“I believe everyone is concerned about the safety of daughter sister mothers etc . As stopping them from “flying in the sky” is not a solution This is not a girls problem that her safety is comprised. I condemn the upbringing of people who become rapists. I strongly suggest moral values education imparted in upbringing of a child is very important.These movements have an impact but not to that extent which is expected. It draws media attention and it shows unity but the time of effect is not just and fair. Just like How much time was taken for Justice in Nirbhaya case” she added.

“I have heard that in many villages rapists have been asked to marry girls but I believe its not correct as its the worst thing that you can do to a girl. I also believe that rape can happen with both a boy and a girl.”

When asked, Some people are there who support that girl should not wear small clothes, or go to parties or roam at night, she replied,”Its stupid to think all of these as its the harsh mentality of the rapists who is committing the assault. So a girl should have freedom and there should be no need to fear even in the daylight or at the night.”

What should be the punishment for the rapists?

“The only punishment I believe or such people is to castrate them. Even if the rapist is a minor then also he should be given the severest punishment possible so that he can’t even think of such a crime.”

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