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Nana Patekar’s co-star Rohit on slapping controversy: People should stop trolling him

Mumbai : Actor Rohit Choudhary, who is also a part of the film ‘Journey’, has come out in support of Nana Patekar after a video of him slapping a boy went viral. Rohit said the star has given a clarification and wants to apologise to the boy; this should end the discussion and people should stop trolling him.

A video has been going viral where actor Nana can be seen slapping a boy who wanted to click a selfie with him. The incident took place on the set of Anil Sharma’s next film – ‘Journey’ in Benaras.

Nana clarified that he thought the boy was part of the rehearsal of the scene and slapped him as per that.

Now his co-star Rohit has come out in support of the star, saying: “The way Nana Patekar himself came ahead and clarified everything shows his honesty and personality. He has also mentioned in his video that he is looking for the boy so he can apologise to him. I feel this should end the discussion and people should stop trolling him. I have met Nana during the muhurat of the film and also spoken to him personally.”

He said that whatever I experience about Nana Patekar is simply extraordinary, exemplary.

Rohit added: “He is someone who will always sort out the problems on film set if something happens. He has greatness in him. The whole Benaras is in support of Anil Sharma and Nana Patekar. The film’s shooting is going on smoothly.”

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