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Ponniyin Selvan 2 Review: Mani Ratnam rectifies the error with a strong and gripping Part-2

By Shachi Chaturvedi

Star Cast: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vikram, Karthi, Jayam Ravi, Trisha Krishnan, Sobhita Dhulipala, Prakash Raj, and Ensemble

Director: Mani Ratnam

Runtime: 165 minutes

Ratings: 3/5


A conspiracy to assassinate the monarch and two Chola dynasty princes on the same day is underway. Can the Cholas withstand the wrath of the Pandiya rebels, led by the vengeful Nandhini?


The film begins with a summary of its first installment and then continues. The filmmaker plunges into the core of Kalki’s novel, Ponniyin Selvan. This section of the film opens with the two youngsters, Aaditha Karikalan and Nandhini, the Yuvraj and an orphan, falling in love. As the two are separated by forces beyond their control, their love story turns into a sad saga.

The two have been separated by people, but they have not yet stopped loving each other, and every time they talk about each other, one can see the tension.

Nandhini is determined to get revenge on Aditha for killing the King of Pandiya, but will her love for Aditha allow her to do so? is for you to watch.

The movie before the intermission is largely about constructing the storyline and creating some unanswered questions by picking up where the first part left off, however, the second half is what keeps you on the edge of your seat since it is when you start getting answers to all of your questions.

The filmmaker has paid attention to every detail, which contributes to the film’s status as a masterpiece. It has been observed that dubbing occasionally takes away the spirit of the film, however, here, an honest attempt has been made to keep the authenticity of the lines in the dubbed version.

When it comes to cinematography, the film has some incredible shots made. A couple of frames in the film are so mind-blowing that they steal your breath away. Taking a dusty mirror and displaying Aishwarya’s reflection in it is… Hats off.

Coming on to the star performances, Aishwarya Rai is an angel when you look at her from Mani Ratnam’s lens. The director’s portrayal of her and her ability to penetrate the skin of the character is exceptional. It appears that her expressions speak louder than her words.

Vikram, who plays Aditha, has a distinct personality. The aura and the way the actor carries himself throughout the film tell about why Mani Ratnam has chosen him to do the part.

Trisha has a pivotal part in the film, and her performance has been flawless throughout. She plays Aditha’s sister and the film’s most intelligent character. Throughout, she is stunning, personable, and sensible.

Karthi is the one who deserves to be recognised for his outstanding efforts.

There is no finer combination in music than Rahman and Gulzar Sahab, and Mani Ratnam manages to bring the two maestros together. With wonderful background music that complements and highlights the scenes, as well as some amazing songs, this film manages to captivate your heart with its soundtrack.


With a lot of suspense and drama. This part of the film is hands down amazing and needs to be watched in theatres.

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