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Mouni Roy reveals key to strong relationship: ‘Don’t talk about your ex too much’

Mumbai : Actress Mouni Roy has shared some important love tips to strengthen relationship.

The actress said not talking too much about the former partner and not overthinking is the mantra to a perfect relationship.

Here’s what Mouni, the Queen of Hearts from Temptation Island, shared: 

Take Interest in Your Partner’s Interests:

Building a common ground is crucial for a thriving connection. Mouni emphasises the importance of sharing interests to engage in activities together and deepen the bond.

Don’t Talk About Your Ex Too Much:

Avoid delving into the past excessively. Mouni advises against oversharing about ex-partners, as it can potentially bother the current partner and hinder the growth of a relationship.

Don’t Overthink!

Overanalysing every aspect of a relationship can lead to unnecessary complications. Mouni encourages going with the flow, allowing connections to develop organically.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun:

Embrace the little joys in relationships. Having fun together strengthens the bond. As Mouni suggests, a touch of playfulness can be a powerful ingredient for a lasting and fulfilling connection.

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