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‘Kosha’ breaks the norm for me: Prachi Desai

Actress Prachi Desai says she has essayed the role of a “good girl” for too long and wants to try something different. She adds that her upcoming project titled “Kosha” breaks the norm for her.

Talking about “Kosha”, Prachi told : “The journey has been extremely exciting…. ‘Kosha’ really breaks the norm for me. I play troubled girl, who has run away from home and she has to comeback and deal with her past and everything about it was very cool.”

Prachi, who was last seen on the silver screen in 2016 in “Rock On 2”, said she has made a big career shift in the last one year.

“I was offered some really great work, but it was not something that was making me happy. I was looking to do something that I could sink my teeth into because I know I have so much more to offer in terms of performing and acting,” she added.

Calling “Kosha” a dark urban fairy tale, Prachi said: “It is something that I could relate to and it was so important for people to see me in this new light. I have been a good girl for too long and I have no problems with that, but I want to do other kind of work as well and this really was the thing.”

The film revolves around a girl who is a band member and struggles with substance abuse. It is produced by late Raj Kanwar’s son Abhay, and directed by Amman Advaita.

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