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Kangana Ranaut supports Vicky Jain’s mother for ‘strong point of view’

Mumbai : Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has come out in support of Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law for her strong point of view about marriages and household.

A video of Ankita and her mother-in-law having a conversation inside the show has gone viral.

Vicky Jain’s mother says to Ankita: “Jis din tumne laat maari thi na. Papa ne turant tumhari mummy ko phone kiye ‘Tum apne pati ko aisi hi laat maarti thi?'”

The actress got a little angry and asked her mother-in-law to not drag her mother into this as her father passed away last year.

Kangana took to Instagram stories and penned a long note on how Vicky has always stood by Ankita even when the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput left her after their breakup.

She wrote: “After Sushant left Ankita, her house caught fire, she was devastated, who stood by her? Vicky went against his conservative and traditionalist family who were shocked by her open love affair and fall out with Sushant which she kept talking about obsessively.”

“Media needs to stop behaving like they don’t know what small town families, culture and traditions are like. Slapping, abusing and kicking each other can be cool in filmi environment, where they get married for media attention to each other’s girlfriends and party together post divorce,” Kangana added.

The actress added that for someone like “Vicky’s mom whose family worth is more than all filmi heros combined together and who herself dresses in sindoor, bindi and traditional jewellery and clothes every day, and selflessly with single minded focus serving her husband, children and his family since she was a teenager will have her own strong point of view for how to make marriage and household systems work.”

“Don’t we know how such moms get scandalised at western/filmi behaviour?”

Kangana concluded: “Urban couples live differently but our parents will never come to terms with that kind of lifestyle, they lived differently and did so much better than urban couples, we need to have understanding and compassion for their way of life after as well, at least when they are watching us, after all no wrong can be pointed out in their methods, their marriages and homes worked.”

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