December 6, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

CBFC must expel Deepika’s saffron bikini from SRK’s disputed movie: Mukesh Khanna

Mumbai: The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), according to actor Mukesh Khanna, must take strict measures against Pathaan’s “Besharam Rang” song video because it allegedly “attacked” religious sentiments with the use of a saffron bikini top in the track.

Pathaan faced boycotts in various parts of the country as a result of the uproar. People set fire to Deepika and Shah Rukh effigies during a protest in Indore. Pathaan may be banned in Madhya Pradesh if some objectionable scenes and costumes are not replaced, according to Madhya Pradesh minister Narottam Mishra.

Mukesh Khanna, known for his controversial, orthodox views, slammed Hindi film producers in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel, alleging they use Hindu religion as a “soft target,” which the CBFC must take note of.

“I have heard that the CBFC is considering removing objectionable bits from the song. I would urge the censor board to be more aware. If any producer intends to attack Hindu religion, then you are censor board. Someone told me, ‘Sir, CBFC has passed it, what is your objection to it?’ I said, is the censor board Supreme Court? If they don’t have knowledge of Hindu religion, then they don’t have the right to be in censor board. We will protest… This is too much now,” he said.

The actor stated that the CBFC should remove Deepika’s saffron bikini from the song in order to send a larger message to filmmakers.

“If the censor board decides to change the words (of the song), that wouldn’t suffice. The entire dress has to be changed. I am with this movement (to boycott the song), so that no producer dares to do this in the future. They will suffer losses and eventually no producer will do this.”

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