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Big B admits he just can’t cook: ‘I only knew how to boil water’

New Delhi : Cooking is an art and not many of us have a grip over it. Talking candidly on the quiz-based reality show, Amitabh Bachchan admitted that he was never good at cooking, and till he went abroad, he only knew how to boil water.

As the show is going to enter the finale week, Bollywood stars Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal took over the hotseat and talked about their experiences in the industry.

Big B also revealed his contribution to the movie ‘Chup’. And Kiara shared how much he knew about the movies of the host.

During the conversation, the host asked Kiara if she knows how to cook and she replied: “Little bit.” Later, he asked Vicky can cook, and he replied: “One thing I learned was making tea.”

Big B added: “Your and my condition are almost the same. At least you can make tea, I only knew how to boil water. Once I went abroad and it took seven days to learn how to crack eggs in a proper way. Sometimes it used to fall here, sometimes there.

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