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Actor Nikhil Dwivedi felicitated by Mumbai Police’s State Intelligence Unit

Mumbai : Actor-producer Nikhil Dwivedi was recently felicitated by the State Intelligence Unit of Mumbai Police for his contributions towards the unit and for the help he has provided them.

Praising the Mumbai Police for being vigilant and helping the citizens, Nikhil said, “In the past few years, the Mumbai Police has been the true blue and real heroes at the frontline in the battle against Covid and the pandemic in general. Their relentless efforts are what keeps us and the city safe and it has been remarkable how they have managed to do so.”

Commenting on being feted by the department, the actor said, “I am honoured to be felicitated by such a notable governing body. When the State Intelligence Unit of Mumbai arrived at my office along with flowers as a token of their appreciation, I was taken aback.”

“Being such a big governing body, they did not need to felicitate me as I was merely obliging by my duties, but their humble gesture really made me feel proud of all that I have done and I will continue to help them to my utmost capacity,” says the producer on being honoured by the department.

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