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Trump to visit protest-hit city on Tuesday

Washington, US President Donald Trump will visit Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday following days of unrest in the city in response to the August 23 police shooting of African-American man, Jacob Blake, it was reported.

Addressing the media on Saturday, a White House spokesperson said that Trump “will meet with law enforcement and survey damage from recent riots”, The Hill news website reported.

On August 23, Blake, 29, was tased twice by a policeman and then went around his car, opened the driver’s side door and leaned in when another officer, identified as Rusten Sheskey, fired on him seven times, according to the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Blake’s family said he is expected to recover but is partially paralyzed.

His shooting led to days of unrest and protests in Kenosha.

And while most of the protests have been peaceful, there have been instances of looting, fires and violence.

On August 25, two protesters were shot and killed and another was injured.

Officials later arrested suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from Illinois, who faces multiple homicide charges.

Wisconsin, which Trump narrowly won in the 2016 election, is a key swing state in the November election, said The Hill news report.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been leading in polls in the state, with a poll average compiled from FiveThirtyEight putting him over 6 points ahead of Trump.

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