November 27, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

S.Korean PM apologises over private gathering rule violation

Seoul : South Korean Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum on Friday apologised for violating social distancing rules when he met with his college alumni last week.

“I am deeply sorry,” Kim said at the start of a state affairs coordination meeting. “I promise that I will look after myself thoroughly so that this kind of incident never happens again.”

The Prime Minister came under fire after media reported that a total of 11 people, including Kim himself, had a luncheon at his residence in Seoul on November 6, which violates the government’s private gathering restriction of 10 people in the capital area, reports Yonhap News Agency.

The government raised the private gathering limit to 10 in the greater Seoul area from November 1 after initiating its “living with Covid-19 scheme” for people’s gradual return to normal life.

The Prime Minister’s office explained the luncheon was originally scheduled for 10, but one of Kim’s invitees brought his wife.

“I could not just ask my friend’s wife to leave, but whatever the reason, it is true that I violated virus prevention rules,” Kim added.

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