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Raisi pledges ‘serious openings’ for Iran

Tehran :
Following the votes of confidence for the majority of his proposed cabinet from Parliament, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has pledged “serious openings” for the Islamic Republic.

“Serious openings are underway and we will see a change in people’s lives, and this is possible and achievable,” Raisi said, adding they will hold the first meeting of the government on Thursday.

“Due to the conditions of the country over Covid-19 (resurgence) and economic difficulties in the living conditions of people, it was necessary for the government to be formed immediately in order to reduce the problems and change the conditions in favour of the people,” he said.

The President added that Ministries controlling the livelihood, economy, welfare and health of people are at the forefront and will begin their work quickly, reports Xinhua news agency.

He said that the nomination of proposed ministers was based on the efficiency criteria, like expertise, anti-corruption and honesty with people.

“The lawmakers better to know that the issue of anti-corruption is important and central for people,” Raisi said, stressing that he will not tolerate the slightest corruption.

The Iranian lawmakers on Wednesday gave votes of confidence to 18 out of 19 Ministers proposed by Raisi, according to Parliament’s website.

The lawmakers started the debates on the qualification of the nominees on August 21 and decided on the list of the cabinet on Wednesday.

In the meeting after hearing the last defenses of Raisi about his proposed Ministers, the lawmakers expressed their opinion on the competence of each of the nominees and then cast their votes.

Among the 19 in the list, the candidate for Ministry of Education was the only person who failed to win the approval.

According to the law, the President has three months to nominate the remaining minister.

On August 11, Raisi submitted the list of proposed ministers to Parliament.

Among the approved, Hossein Amir Abdollahian has become the Foreign Minister.

He was former Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs and also a special aide to the Speaker of Parliament on international affairs.

Javad Owji, former head of Iran’s National Gas Company, was appointed the Minister of Petroleum.

Raisi on Wednesday appointed Mohsen Rezaei, one of his rivals in the June presidential election, as the Vice President for Economic Affairs.

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