December 11, 2023

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North Korea slams UNSC over space program

Seoul :  North Korea has slammed the UN Security Council (UNSC) for labelling the country’s space program as threats, calling the agency an “undemocratic organ devoid of impartiality”, the media reported on Friday. While addressing a plenary session of the UN General Assembly earlier this week, North Korean Ambassador Kim Song stressed on the importance of reforming the UNSC for “better representation” of its member states.

“Until now even after 75 years of the founding of the UN, the Security Council does not extricate itself from the stigma of an undemocratic organ devoid of impartiality,” Kim said, according to the statement posted on the North Korean foreign ministry’s website. The envoy slammed the UN agency for condemning its outer space program as threats to international peace, saying the “practice of double standards and unfairness should no longer be tolerated”. “As is well known, illegal armed invasions and air strikes against sovereign states resulting in civilian killings are left unquestioned, whereas the righteous self-defensive measures for safeguarding sovereignty and even the exploration of outer space for peaceful purposes are labelled and condemned as threats to international peace,” he said.

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