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Israel to reopen shopping malls, museums to ease Covid lockdown

Jerusalem : Israel’s Corona Cabinet has decided to allow the reopening of major shopping malls, markets and museums, the state’s Prime Minister’s office and Ministry of Health said in a joint statement on Thursday. These places will be reopened for the first time since the start of a full lockdown in Israel on September 18. The curb was imposed to contain a rapid resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pilot programme, which will take effect on Friday, will include six major indoor shopping malls, along with nine more to be selected by the finance and economy ministries. The malls will be opened under restrictions, such as preventing gatherings, especially at entrances. In addition, four major museums will be reopened on Friday, along with three more to be selected by the culture ministry. Visiting the museums will be possible only by reservation in advance, with a limited number of visitors at the same time.

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