December 11, 2023

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

‘Will miss chacha ki comedy’: Sehwag reacts as Trump loses to Biden

New Delhi : Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag was once again at his witty best as he reacted to the US election results in which Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden defeated incumbent president Donald Trump.

“Apne waale same hi hain. Will miss Chacha ki Comedy,” Sehwag said in a tweet along with a picture of Trump.

Biden, the former two-term vice president and a Senate veteran, on Saturday won the US Presidential elections to become the 46th President of the country. Kamala Harris will be the next vice president, the first woman and the first person of colour to hold the office.

Meanwhile, other sportspersons around the world also reacted to the result:

“President Elect Joe Biden and Madam Vice President Kamala Harris congrats!!! #46 LFG,” tweeted American footballer Megan Rapinoe.

NBA superstar LeBron James tweeted a video of himself smoking a victory cigar alongside a link to More Than A Vote, a campaign he had headlined to harness the power of black voters.

James also posted a photo of one of the most famous moments of his glittering career, when he pulled off a spectacular block of Andre Iguodala during the 2016 NBA finals. However, in Saturday’s tweet he had superimposed Biden’s head on his body with Trump as Iguodala.

“Joe Biden is projected as the next US President. However VAR are reviewing it,” tweeted English footballer Gary Lineker.

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