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Navjot Kaur said : Peaking at right time crucial for performance at Olympics

Bengaluru : Forward Navjot Kaur believes that peaking at the right time will make a big difference to the performance of the Indian women’s hockey team at the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to be played next year. Kaur, who has played over 170 matches for the national team, said that only getting back to full form is not enough, the team will also have to time their return to full form well. “The team is gradually improving day by day which is a great sign for us. We are slowly and steadily moving back to full form, however, peaking at the right time is very crucial for us,” said the 25-year-old.

“We have to get back to full form at the right time in order to play to our full potential at the Olympics. We are very grateful to Hockey India and SAI for planning the national camp well as now we have enough time to get into the groove and push hard for a great result in Tokyo,” she added. The 25-year-old further highlighted that coaches and senior players have jotted down a clear-cut plan for the Tokyo Games and the team is currently on track for a great result in Tokyo. “The plan for the Olympics is very clear to everyone and more importantly all players are clear about their own roles. Everyone is gaining confidence day by day and the team is very determined to perform in the quadrennial event,” said Kaur.

“The coaches and senior players have devised a good strategy and we are executing it well at the moment. It’s great that we still have a lot of time to move back to our full form so we are taking it slow at the moment. However, we are certainly moving in the right direction,” she added. When asked about her personal targets for the next few months, Kaur said that she wants to make much bigger contributions to the team’s victories in the future and therefore is looking to improve on certain aspects of her game. “I feel I can do much better for the Indian team and therefore I watched a lot of footage of my game during the lockdown period. I have understood the aspects I need to work on and I will start working on them after I reach the form I was in before the lockdown. I am keen on making much bigger contributions to the team’s victories in the future and hopefully, I will be able to become a much better player by the Tokyo Olympics,” said the forward.

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