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We always believe in cultural nationalism: Naqvi

New Delhi : Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Thursday criticised former Vice President Hamid Ansari for his comment at an event organised by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC).

Naqvi said that the country always follows the principle of tolerance and secularism. “We always believe in cultural nationalism and it is our constitutional commitment,” he said.

Addressing the event, former vice president Ansari reportedly said that in recent years India is experiencing the emergence of trends and practises that dispute the well-established principle of civic nationalism and imposing a new practice of cultural nationalism.

“Yesterday when the entire country was celebrating and hoisting a flag at Lal Chowk in Srinagar at that time a man, who had occupied constitutional post, defamed the country from an anti India platform provided by an organisation having link with the ISI,” Naqvi said.

Naqvi claimed that the event was organised by an outfit linked to ISI and other organisations which are involved in a conspiracy to disturb world peace and harmony. “This Indo-American Muslim Council has a link with SIMI and ISI and who always used to propagate anti-India propaganda. Modi bashing is turning into conspiracy for India bashing. While doing Modi bashing they have started India bashing. With the prevailing positive situation in the country, people who used to exploit minority votes are now getting anxious,” he said.

The minister alleged that the Modi bashing brigade conspired to tarnish and malign India’s image of unity in diversity and are completely ignorant about the country’s tradition and cultural nationalism.

Strongly condemning Ansari’ comment, Naqvi asked if he (Ansari) can tell if it is possible for a Hindu become President and vice president of Pakistan.

Naqvi also alleged that the Indian American Muslim Council was implicated even in the Tripura riots last year.

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