February 24, 2024

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

Terminated pilots to move court on Air India order

New Delhi: Some of the terminated Air India pilots will file applications in the Delhi High Court to bring on record the decision of Air India not to accept the withdrawal of their resignations.

As per the Delhi High Court proceedings on August 14, the counsel for the pilots said that a crucial development has taken place on August 13 and Air India has taken a decision not to accede to the request of the pilots withdrawing their resignations.

“Letters have been received by the petitioners late last night whereby it has been communicated that the resignations have been accepted from the date when the six months’ notice period expired, respectively,” the counsel said.

The counsel told the court that though the legal plea in the petitions is that acceptance of withdrawal of resignations is not required and the resignations tendered by them are “non-est”, however, by way of abundant caution they may be permitted to file applications to bring on record the subsequent development as well as assail the order passed by Air India on August 13.

The matter is listed in the court for Wednesday.

On the matter of termination of pilots, Air India had clarified that 57 pilots seeking greener pastures had resigned from the services of the airline citing financial constraints.

Air India said in a media statement, “The fact of the matter is that these pilots (57 in number), seeking greener pastures, had resigned from the services of Air India citing financial constraints.

“The pilots include permanent and contractual ones. Some of the pilots had later withdrawn their resignations. Air India no longer requires the services of these pilots and has now accepted their resignations.”

“Moreover, some of these pilots have filed writ petitions before the Delhi High Court seeking a direction to Air India to accept the withdrawal of their resignations. This matter is sub judice,” Air India said.

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