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Sense of fear prevails across Kabul, says returnee from Kabul

New Delhi:  A contingent of over 150 Indians from Kabul returned safely at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi on Sunday Morning. Amid the ongoing tension and unrest in Afghanistan, the passengers were in happy state of mind after they safely came home.

A passenger coming from Kabul, Hari Thapa said that the sense of fear looms across Afghanistan after the Taliban toppled the government there. “However, we didn’t face much trouble as I was staying in a hotel in Kabul and somehow managed to reach the Kabul airport”, he said.

“The Taliban allowed us to go easily. We were staying in a hotel for a week to return to India safely”, said Thapa.

Being asked about the Indian embassy’s role in their safe return, he said that he did not get any help from the embassy. “We managed ourselves to reach the Kabul airport somehow. There was a chaos at the roads in Afghanistan capital city,” he said.

About kidnapping of Indian nationals in Kabul, he said he is not aware of such thing in Kabul.

Recounting his horrific experience in Kabul, Hari continued saying that there is a chaos like situation prevailing at the airport. “Everyone is in a hurry to leave Afghanistan in any way possible.”

However, he added that he did not receive any direct threat from the Taliban in Kabul.

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