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Priyanka slams Centre for no increase in sugarcane prices in 3 yrs

New Delhi : Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday slammed the government for not increasing the sugarcane prices in three years, but keeps on increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG.

In a tweet she said, “The BJP government is increasing the price of LPG gas every month. The prices of petrol and diesel have been increased by 60-70 times in 3-4 months, but the price of sugarcane has not been increased in the past three years.” She used the hashtag “costly days” with her tweet.

The Congress party has been targeting the government over inflation and fuel price rise. On Wednesday, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi slammed the centre on rise in fuel prices.

Rahul Gandhi said when petrol-diesel prices are increased there is direct and indirect impact on the pockets of the people. It also increases the cost of transportation. While the Prime Minister demonetised the economy, the Finance Minister is monetising national assets.

“But the farmers, the salaried class, MSME sector and honest businessmen have been demonetised, while two-three big businessmen are being monetized,” he added.

He said that the only GDP which is growing is the prices of Gas, Diesel, Petrol (GDP) which has hit the common man the hardest.

When the UPA was in power, the crude oil prices were $105 and now its $71 while gas price is less than 26 per cent than what it was during the UPA government. In 2014 when UPA left, the gas cylinder cost Rs 410 and now it’s 885. In the same way, petrol was Rs 71 and diesel Rs 57 a litre in 2014 and now petrol is Rs 101 per litre in Delhi and diesel costs Rs 88 a litre.

He alleged that the government has earned Rs 23 lakh crore from the GDP (gas, diesel, petrol) when the international prices are down.

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