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PM cries like a child on his problems rather than wiping tears of people Priyanka says

Nandurbar (Maharashtra) : Launching a broadside, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “crying like a child on his problems rather than spelling out steps to wipe the tears of the suffering masses”, here on Saturday.

Addressing a large tribal gathering during a rally in the Nandurbar (ST) Lok Sabha constituency in Maharashtra, Priyanka said it has become a norm for PM Modi to rave and rant about his problems on the dais during election rallies instead of discussing how he will resolve the peoples’ burning issues.

“Modiji remembers the tribals only during elections when he comes to seek their votes. He claims to fight corruption alone — but how can he be a loner? He has the entire government, its machinery, and agencies behind him. Instead of talking about what the BJP government did in the past 10 years, he comes on the stage and weeps, saying people are abusing him,” she said.

The Congress leader also reminded the PM that he is in public life and should take inspiration from her grandmother (former Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi), who displayed her “Goddess Durga” strength and “chopped Pakistan into two pieces”.

“Show some courage, Modiji…Learn from my grandmother and her sacrifices. But you cannot because you label that great martyr as a ‘traitor’. Your words as a PM lack weight. The post of PM was always held in high esteem and occupied by great leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Manmohan Singh… Look at the level you have reduced it to,” Priyanka said.

The Congress leader also recounted the problems faced by the tribals, Dalits, and poor families all over India, the atrocities on women in Manipur, tribal areas, Uttar Pradesh, among others, claiming, “But at all times, Modiji chose to keep mum and even supported the perpetrators of such heinous crimes.”

“Modiji is cut off from the people… He has no inkling of how the poor are trying to survive amid the massive inflation, the horrors the womenfolk face.. women who work outside the whole day, then come home and do the household chores, and look after the entire family,” she said.

“In these times of high prices, the women are unable to feed their families properly, or get medical care if anyone at home falls sick, they have no money for their children’s education, or to marry off their daughters… They take loans for these needs and get caught in the debt-trap, with many committing suicide,” Priyanka said amid loud cheers from the crowd.

She also claimed that rather than providing solutions or help to the masses, the Modi government is working against the interests of the ordinary people, who have continued to suffer in the past 10 years of BJP rule.

“The PM has waived loans worth Rs 16 lakh crore of rich industrialists, but did not extend the same benefits to the poor farmers… He bought two aircraft for his use for Rs 16,000 crore, but did not have money to pay the UP farmers dues of Rs 15,000 crore for their sugarcane. Modiji does everything for self-glory, not for the people… This is the first government that has come to office for power rather than public service,” Priyanka alleged.

Replying to the PM’s assertions made at a BJP rally in Nandurbar on Friday (May 10), Priyanka countered that President Droupadi Murmu is a tribal, but the BJP and the PM don’t accord her the respect due to the august position she holds.

“The President has come up through sheer hard work… The PM built a new Parliament building worth thousands of crores, but did not invite her for its inauguration… The same thing he did with the Ram Temple in Ayodhya… Modiji only speaks sweet words in his rallies, but does something else… He works against the interests of tribals. He indulges in a lot of empty talks, there’s a huge gap between his words and deeds,” Priyanka said amid cheers and claps.

Contending that PM Modi has lost touch with the masses and avoids going into their midst, she pointed out how his ministers and senior leaders are also scared of approaching him or telling him the grim realities confronting the country today.

“Modiji has failed on all counts, he has not fulfilled any of the promises and is now getting to deprive the masses of their rights by changing the Constitution, as claimed by his own party leaders. Who has given them the right or authority for this? It’s Modiji, who has always betrayed the masses, like on the promises of Rs 15 lakh to each Indian, giving two crore jobs, etc.,” Priyanka recalled.

Recounting the Congress’ manifesto that promises to provide ‘nyay’ (justice) to all sections of society, Priyanka said the time has come to unseat the BJP government, for which she would continue her struggle.

Also present at the rally were AICC General Secretary Ramesh Chennithala, state Congress President Nana Patole, and INDIA-MVA bloc Lok Sabha candidates from the region.

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