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Outstanding amount of domestic power consumers deferred: CM

Team Absolute|Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has announced that in view of the corona infection in the state, the outstanding amount of power bills up till August 31 of all domestic consumers belonging to low income group with up to One kw has been deferred.The number of domestic consumers in the state is one crore 18 lakh and out of this One crore 8 lakh domestic connections of one k.w. will be benefitted under this arrangement.
This was announced by the Chief Minister during his Indore visit.In compliance to the announcement of the Chief Minister, an order has been issued by the Energy department. All the Managing Directors of 3 power distribution companies of the state have been instructed that bills based on current monthly consumption only should be issued for coming September and October, 2020 to domestic consumers with load up to one kw and outstanding as well as surcharge amount should not be included.In this category, bill for only monthly consumption will be issued in the month of September, that means no previous outstanding amount and arrears will be included in it. In bills for the month of October, 2020, the outstanding amount with surcharge will be included, subject to nonpayment of bill for the month of September by the consumer. Separate instructions will beissued for the deferred outstanding amount (As of August 31). Directives have been issued to ensure in time adherence to the instructions strictly and to make necessary changes in the billing software by August 31 compulsorily.

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