October 20, 2021

Published from Mumbai, Delhi & Bhopal

“Only mask is the vaccine for Corona prevention, its use is must,” CM

Team Absolute|Bhopal Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the mask is a type of vaccine to protect against Corona. Masks must be used by everyone mandatorily. It is a great weapon for defense. Chouhan called upon people to develop the habit of washing hands frequently with soap and sanitizing also, apart from wearing masks to protect against Corona. These habits must be adopted by every citizen. Chief Minister said that Corona virus is a new challenge before the world. The form, effects and treatment of the disease is unknown. The whole world is in panic due to its fatality. Under these circumstances, the courage, patience and dedication with which the medical staff has been working, putting their lives at risk, and by not letting people lose faith, is remarkable in the history of humanity. Chouhan greeted all doctors and paramedical staff on behalf of the eight crore people of the state and thanked them. Comparing this dedication with the incident of Dadhichi, Chouhan said that it is the duty of the government and society to express their gratitude to the medical staff for the role played by them in this period of crisis. Chouhan was addressing the Seva Samman programme, organized in honour of Corona warriors of the medical field at Minto Hall on Monday.Chouhan said that financial crisis does exist, but there will be no lack of resources and money in the war against Corona. Be it availability of doctors, paramedical staff or the arrangement of equipment and materials, supply will continue. We are constantly moving towards the creation of new medical colleges. Chouhan said that the government stands with the Corona warriors at every step and under all circumstances. Chouhan said that the country faced Corona pandemic with great understanding as a result of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s foresight. Lockdown made arrangements possible. PM Modi called for turning the disaster into an opportunity. Though this fight against Corona is long but our strategy is accurate. We will constantly strive with patie courage, enthusiasm and will continue to march towards the creation of self-reliant Madhya Pradesh in this disaster.On this occasion, Chouhan also interacted with the Corona warriors of the medical field, who gave their contributions in war against Covid-19 pandemic. Service honours and digital letters of appreciation were issued to all doctors and health workers on behalf of Chief Minister Chouhan. The programme began with the Madhya Pradesh Gaan.

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